Help me forget!

5:23 AM

Please! ]:
I can't forget !! but WHY?!!!
i want to forget everything if i can but i can't!!

Why it is so difficult?!!
Always thinking bout him...and because of that i called TAJ at the midlleofnight!
sorry buddy!! me disturb you ]:
i must talk with you,i guess. ]:

OK like this!
actually...i'm always thinking bout someone
someone who took my heart before
1st time i meet HIM at this shopping mall..i think it's not him!
but my heart say that's him.
u know my prayers answered! thank God! because my dream is i want to meet him
with his GF...
2nd time I meet with him at shopping mall again! but other place...
alone,I guess!
my heart feel something...why i meet him???
My dreams i wanna meet other guy but i meet another guy ]:
And i dontknw we had similar interests!

whatever it is...i must forget him!
i hate this feel! hate it ]:
i dont think so HE remembere bout me! NEVER! but WHY me?!
He can get what him want! against with me,maybe!

p/s: babe..i cant! I had promise with you,i will forget him! I CAN'T!

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