Lupakan Sekarang!

3:21 AM

"Perasaan tidak pernah KEJAM!
yang kejam adalah mereka yang tidak tahu menghargai perasaan itu." 
myrabalqish <3

its lil bit hard for us when our feeling totally LOST
when we hope someone that will be one of our love <3
LIE !!!
if i said i was not jealous with my friends. They are too happy with their love one 
BUT who am I to say so. I don't have someone I can LOVE or share all the feelings that i had
 BUT !!!
I know that Allah has prepared me with someone who can take care of me throughout my life (:
i will wait for his arrival in my life 
I believe His promises 
InsyaAllah !!!!
I'll be waiting <3

Me <3

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